WAMP2 Not Working in Windows 7

It happened to me just recently (WAMP Server 2 not completely working in Windows 7, particularly with Apache). I took a copy of the new Win7 and got things going pretty smooth. Speedy, as they call it. And true enough it's way too snappy compared to Vista. Good thing a friend of mine offered me his Win7 installer as I was about to downgrade my official Windows Vista copy back to XP Pro. Anyways, so i began installing my web development tools as part of my preparation. Got my IDE running fine on the platform. Browsers ready (Firefox, Chrome, and IE set). The only thing that's lacking now is my WAMP stack. To complete, I went to Sourceforge and grab the latest stable release of WAMP2 (2.0i). Installed the pack and run the server. Thought I'm close to getting the prep all set. But I was wrong when my W2 went running with MySQL and PHP only. Where's Apache? What happened?

How To Increase PHP Session Timeout

This thing got me into trouble few months ago. Few of my teammates keep getting stumbled on the same obstacle. And this is what I keep advising them. That you need something fixed when your PHP Session expires in such a short period of time over a shared hosting server environment.

Exempt Sub-Directory From URI Rewrite Rules

Here's to those looking for a simple solution on how to allow a certain subfolder to be accessed by the public with an existing Rewrite Conditions. Say you have a Downloads folder along the root directory of your site which contains files for download. Problem is, any URI request pointing to this location is automatically rewritten by some existing htaccess rules and conditions.

Embedding HTML Forms within another HTML Form

I haven't googled much on the topic "Embedding HTML Forms within another HTML Form". Although if there is any possibility that Forms can be nested, well I doubt if that would be a nice idea. I came up with one possible solution to this because one of the projects I recently handled requires that the application keeps its basic functionalities even if the Browsers' Javascript is turned off. I guess you guys should really consider the fact that some of the users visiting your site have their Javascript turned off for security reasons. And by that, your site should still work as expected. They may be less than what you might have anticipated but think about the idea that they might end up visiting and purchasing goods in your competitors' website instead. Now how's that?

How to get Visitor's IP Address using PHP

Getting the IP address of your Visitor is possible using PHP. Finding the IP address is very important requirement for many scripts where we store the members or visitors details. For security reasons we can store IP address of our visitors who are doing any purchases or recording the geographical location. Sometimes, basing on a particular IP address, we can redirect the browser to different areas of the site. There are many applications using this actually.

Debugging Tool for Internet Explorer Browsers

Working with IE Browsers more specially with IE6 is such a tough job for us web developers and designers. As of this time, this piece of browser haven't been totally eradicated and would surely be hanging around for some time. My guess would be two to three years more. Or perhaps worse than that. Although I've been seeing more and more sites who are dropping support against IE6.

Enabling PNG Transparency for IE6 Browsers

Here's a simple straightforward solution for enabling transparency on PNG images for IE6 browsers. This was a solution I first encountered under Magento 1.3+ while browsing its JS folders. Now I've been using the same solution with all my projects having PNG images.

Magento vertical menu for product categories

Here's something about creating a vertical menu for Magento product categories. Ok. As a beginner in Magento theming, it took me quite a couple of days just to catch the right solution for what was required in my previous project - a theme with its custom homepage having vertically positioned menu. I kept googling that time and luckily found this very helpful wiki in Magento community. Here's a link to that. If you're interested, you really need to read it.

Imitating Facebook Bottom Toolbar with a few lines of CSS and a couple of JS lines

I've been working on a project that's built on Elgg Social Networking engine. An Open-Source software. This project required us a Chat plugin that could be used by its members for private conversations. Good thing we found this Elggchat module from Elgg community which surely had saved us some time. And that's it. The only thing left for us to do was to modify it a bit to fit into our application. Of course we had to upgrade it's look-and-feel and tweak a little further.

Can't Login to Magento Admin Panel after successful Installation

Here's a simple solution to those facing Fresh Magento Installation Backend login problem. It's obviously an issue around Cookie settings. So let's get to it.

How to test or check if MOD_REWRITE is enabled

Some of you might have tried hiding your index.php from your site's URL and nothing did work (say you have http://domain.com/index.php/about_us) .

Well not anymore . I once had this sort of thing too and luckily found a solution from the net.