Magento vertical menu for product categories

Here's something about creating a vertical menu for Magento product categories. Ok. As a beginner in Magento theming, it took me quite a couple of days just to catch the right solution for what was required in my previous project - a theme with its custom homepage having vertically positioned menu. I kept googling that time and luckily found this very helpful wiki in Magento community. Here's a link to that. If you're interested, you really need to read it.


The documentation assumes you have a Modern Theme installed. But not quite a requirement as what I've found out. It seems to work with the default theme for Magento version 1.3.2+. I'm not sure how it works with the few previous versions.

Ok. So what I did was follow the same instructions the author had posted. Created the vert_nav.phtml, and placed it under templates/catalog/navigation. Also did steps 2 and 3. Saved all the changes committed and refreshed my frontend. That easy.

Try doing the same thing. You might get lucky too.

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Jhon said...

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Jan Miller said...

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Magento Modules said...

Nice, will give it a try!

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