Embedding HTML Forms within another HTML Form

I haven't googled much on the topic "Embedding HTML Forms within another HTML Form". Although if there is any possibility that Forms can be nested, well I doubt if that would be a nice idea. I came up with one possible solution to this because one of the projects I recently handled requires that the application keeps its basic functionalities even if the Browsers' Javascript is turned off. I guess you guys should really consider the fact that some of the users visiting your site have their Javascript turned off for security reasons. And by that, your site should still work as expected. They may be less than what you might have anticipated but think about the idea that they might end up visiting and purchasing goods in your competitors' website instead. Now how's that?

How to get Visitor's IP Address using PHP

Getting the IP address of your Visitor is possible using PHP. Finding the IP address is very important requirement for many scripts where we store the members or visitors details. For security reasons we can store IP address of our visitors who are doing any purchases or recording the geographical location. Sometimes, basing on a particular IP address, we can redirect the browser to different areas of the site. There are many applications using this actually.