WAMP2 Not Working in Windows 7

It happened to me just recently (WAMP Server 2 not completely working in Windows 7, particularly with Apache). I took a copy of the new Win7 and got things going pretty smooth. Speedy, as they call it. And true enough it's way too snappy compared to Vista. Good thing a friend of mine offered me his Win7 installer as I was about to downgrade my official Windows Vista copy back to XP Pro. Anyways, so i began installing my web development tools as part of my preparation. Got my IDE running fine on the platform. Browsers ready (Firefox, Chrome, and IE set). The only thing that's lacking now is my WAMP stack. To complete, I went to Sourceforge and grab the latest stable release of WAMP2 (2.0i). Installed the pack and run the server. Thought I'm close to getting the prep all set. But I was wrong when my W2 went running with MySQL and PHP only. Where's Apache? What happened?

Here's what I did to assess the trouble. First, I went checking the Apache Service through W2 tray menu. Popped it out, then hover through ApacheServiceTest Port 80 . I was surprised to see that the cause was most likely the Skype. Confirming the Issue, I googled for answers and found out that there's a conflict with the use of port 80.

It came into mind that Skype might have some setting that may be switched off or something like that so as to release port 80. Good thing my hunch was right and it really fixed the issue.

Here's how you get there and do your thing: open your Skype, go to ToolsOptionsAdvancedConnection, then uncheck "Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections". You'll be prompted to restart your Skype. Do so and afterwards, run your W2 server. You'll notice all services are now running including Apache. That's with Skype running at the same time in the background.

Good luck!

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