Drupal 6: How to determine if User is Logged In or not

In Drupal, data for the current user is stored in the global variable $user. To determine if the user is logged in, use the following code:

Drupal 6: Custom Online Members Block

With the help of some PHP codes, showing a block that contains a list of your site's online members can be achieved (with a left floating picture beside each member name). The code was adopted from the Drupal 6 core, User Module. We all know that there is already a bundled block for this with Block name Who's-Online. But if you really want to do more about it, like adding a user picture, then you can do so with Blocks (I'm pretty sure you can do this with Views as well). And don't forget to enable PHP-Filter module. This can be found at admin/build/modules/list under Core-Optional modules. Then select PHP Code option among the list of Input Formats available when creating the new block.

Drupal 6: Random content using Views

Retrieving database content in Drupal 6 has never been easier with Views Module. But, what if you wanted to get the results in random order? Well this is so simple.
  • open your Views for editing. Create one if you haven't done so.
  • in the Sort Criteria section, click the Add button then select Global:Random.

With the rest of this particular Views configurations all set, go hit the Preview button. Seeing the results in Random, hit Preview once again.

And there you have it.

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