Grab the Picture of a Facebook Graph Object

Here's what you need to do to get to the actual location of a Facebook profile picture using PHP cURL (this comes in handy if you plan to store the picture somewhere else). In particular, we can grab the pictures of People, Events, Groups, Pages, Applications, and Photo Albums (these are called objects in Graph API).

A note on GIT's .gitignore

Here's an excerpt from Nick Quaranto's "Ignoring Files" article. I tend to forget this all the time.

Convert text URLs or Hyperlinks to clickable links

Here's a PHP code that can parse text URLs or Hyperlinks into a clickable link. This is useful when displaying text contents with inline links written along.

Tips on Developing Silverstripe Applications

Here's a handful of tips dedicated to all Silverstripe CMS developers out there (because I myself develop SilverStripe applications too).

Tips on Upgrading to Silverstripe CMS version 2.4

I just switched to Silverstripe 2.4+ and came accross several changes in contrast with SS2.3+. I'm gonna list here few of those changes so you guys will be aware of them. And I pledge to update this from time to time. Hopefully, this will guide you when you finally decide to upgrade your old version. Or this might as well motivate you to upgrade like me.