Tips on Developing Silverstripe Applications

Here's a handful of tips dedicated to all Silverstripe CMS developers out there (because I myself develop SilverStripe applications too).

Debugging an SS Application? Go check this out before messing around your app.
First and foremost, go to this page for an in-depth info about this matter.

Have you tried Sapphire Development Tools yet? 
I know you're already familiar with /dev/build. This helps a lot in my development in that this takes care of the building and restructuring of my App's database. But aren't you curious of what's inside /dev? Come on! Better go check that out yourself if you haven't done so.

They have these nifty Url Variable Tools
If you've manage to install an SS application and set a custom theme for it, then chances are you already have tried using /?flush=1 or /?flush=all. Well don't you know that there are more of these available for you to use and abuse? Ha! Check this out.

Site Configuration is very important
Stuffs like, "what do I do to login to my application? ...can't remember my admin password."..or "I want to enable basic Spam Protection in my forms"..or "how do i find the location of the cached templates?". All these and some more can be found here.

Documenting the SS Template Files
To add a comment into a template file which will be hidden in Published site, use the ff syntax:
<%-- put your comments here --%>

Assigning a Custom Page for Security Login
Login page normally defaults to since is not available during install. This means that it is possible to create your own Login template by naming it with

...more tips will be added here soon!

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