Facebook iOS: Use Access Token in PHP

Yes that's right. As of the time of this writing, it is possible to use the user granted access_token back in some server side scripting language like PHP. If you currently have a 255 varchar field size for access_tokens in your database, you may want to bump that up a bit.

The time I made the sample code ran and allowed me to log in (one that came bundled with the Facebook iOS SDK from GitHub), I began realizing that the token quite have different format than the one we usually see in web-based apps (e.g. FB iFrame app).

The usual token looks something like this:


..while in mobile:


The plan was, allow users to connect to our application using FB. Then once he approved it, we take a copy of the access_token and save it back to the server. Same access_token will be used once he logs in to his account using our web-based app.

Well, so far so good. Let me know if yours doesn't work.

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